Welcome to digitalbucket.net for developers

This describes digitalbucket.net API that can be used by client applications to access digitalbucket.net features.

API Design

API is designed to be simple, easy to use and will provide access to most of the features of digitalbucket.net. Accessing the API would be through REST (Representational State Transfer) methods. Some of the features of the API are:

  • Easily download and upload files from and to your account
  • Use all of the file and folder manipulation features using simple API calls
  • Share files with other digitalbucket.net users with different set of permissions
  • Publish your files and folders using a simple public link
  • Authenticate to your account without taking any additional steps
  • All API calls are done securely through SSL
  • Different code libraries are provided to help make development easier

API Refrence

To learn how to use API and available methods you can goto API Reference section of the site

Want Help?

If you have questions about the API or having problems using them please let us know.